Rebecca Trujillo

Born in Santa Fe, NM, Rebecca grew up in a family of eleven, playing guitar and singing songs from a variety of influences of popular music. Rebecca found private moments shared with her guitar, a nurturing experience she describes as similar to a mother's love.

At 21, Rebecca moved to California and left her family, guitar, and voice behind. After some exploration, she went back to embrace her music with a fresh perspective. Later, while traveling to Europe, Rebecca became inspired by the diversity of music and culture. She came back to the United States where she settled herself in Hollywood, using its artistic playground for her voice to come alive again. Rebecca then sought to travel again, doing so on this time for over a year with her Martin Backpacker guitar through Europe again, and then to Israel and India. Reaching even further into a creative extension of herself, Rebecca's travels allowed her to write and perform with a variety of musicians. "I felt like a part of me was born, a part that I'd like to share with the world."

Back in Hollywood, Rebecca wrote the music for her first album, "Munda," and recorded the work with a "talented and spirited group of musicians." The essence of "Munda" is about diversity - diversity in culture, humanity, and love, which is expressed in Rebecca's lyrics, music, and performances. "By understanding that peace inside, brings peace outside! I feel this journey is about experiencing ultimate peace and understanding on our planet at this moment!"